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Ceremony Decor HELP!!!!

Anyone have any ideas on how i can decorate this room for my ceremony? I like how the room is decorated. minus the Christmas trees, for this wedding ceremony but i feel i need a little more up front. I cant think of anything to do, the venue provides an arch but its really old and doesn't stand up straight.

Re: Ceremony Decor HELP!!!!

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    See the post below called "Ceremony Set-up" - I think something similar could work for you as well.  Good luck ;)
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    Wow what an amazing ceremony room! You can rent an arch at a local party store. I am not a huge fan of the round ones, one of my local party rentals stores had an amazing square lattice one. But I'm sure they'll have plenty to choose from, from white to iron, and everything in between. You can decorate it with garland and lights or just garland and some flowers. The way our ceremony is setup instead of going with the arch, we decide to rent 2 tall white columns and have them on either side of us where we will be standing. I'm going to have our florist create a flower arrangment to place on the top of each. That would be an option too and then you can move those from the ceremony to the reception for added decor there as well. Whereas the arch you can really only use at the ceremony. Although anything you decide would look beautiful since that room is so pretty!
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