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Vendor Review 12/30/12

Collingswood Grand Ballroom - A+: Heather and her staff were fabulous from start to finish! We chose this time of year to make use of the venue's decorations and could not have been happier. I was late at giving stuff to them for layouts and dropped everything off at my rehearsal the day before with a list explaining and everything was executed wonderfully. The experience was so pleasant and anytime I had a question, they were quick to respond. When the wedding was over, our stuff that was left over was supposed to be picked up by our family while we were on our honeymoon, but they forgot to, but everything was okay to pick up when we came back no problem.

Catering by Vitarelli's- A+: I can't say enough great things about Christina and her staff. From the very first meeting on, it became more of a friendship rather than a business agreement. Any stress I had ranted about on facebook, she was there to help along the way. The food at the restaurant and wedding is phenomenal and I would recommend it at anytime. I loved the food at cocktail hour and thoroughly enjoy the pasta and sauces that they make. I do not normally like Penne a la Vodka, but Vitarelli's is the best I've ever had. Could not recommend the restaurant and the catering more!

Gallo's Bakery A+: Our 3 tier wedding cake with butter cream frosting was to die for. Our bottom tier was the chocolate pound, middle tier was the red velvet, and top tier was vanilla cake. I usually do not eat wedding cake because it can be dry, but it was amazing! We smashed it in each other’s faces, but I made sure to eat that smashed cake plus the slice at my table. I was disappointed my family ate the leftovers before we came back from our honeymoon and cannot wait to eat our anniversary cake although I think we'll be getting cake from there again soon.

Center Stage Entertainment A+: I have heard over and over again from our guests how great our DJ was. Sam and Jessie were awesome! Everything we wanted was done. They have an awesome website where you fill in anything regarding your event which was really helpful in communicating information. Also keeping in contact through email was helpful and any questions were answered quickly. When people wanted to request off the wall songs, they made sure to get approval to make sure we were happy. Sam was able to get the specific music I wanted for a processional song which made it that much more special. We also did gobo lighting for our dance floor through our DJ company. We custom designed something and they were pretty inexpensive. Everyone loved it and it was an awesome added touch to the evening.

Element Photography and New Legends Videography A+: Adrienne and Chris and their staff are amazing people to work with. I have had past experience because they shot my sister’s wedding so it made it that much more amazing. The work they do is phenomenal especially at the amazing price. They spend so much time with you to make sure the right poses that you want and are needed get done. It is not awkward at any moment. Our engagement pictures also came with the package we chose and that was fun. I would recommend them to anyone. They are so fun to work with!

Floral Designs by M.C. James (Bellmawr, NJ) A+: I am totally not a flower person but my gosh I loved the flowers. They weren’t the cheapest but they weren’t the most expensive of the 6 total florists we checked out, but compared to the cheapest, they actually offered me green tea roses. Once I added roses, everyone jacked up the price and it was absolutely ridiculous. They even showed me flowers that I wasn’t even considering. I was so happy with the work they came up with because I let them do what they wanted. They have always been courteous. At the very last couple days I had been so busy to contact them that they worked with my mom and everything worked out well. Flowers arrived on time and were brought RIGHT to me. I myself had a brooch bouquet, but I gave them a brooch for my husband’s boutonniere and the way they dressed it up looked amazing. The work they do is phenomenal and I would recommend them for ANY occasion.  

Photobooth rental from Barnyard Photography A+: This was probably the best thing to have. My grandfather was such a constant in the open booth that we considered him a prop. We had the Eagles’ themed open booth which was fun considering the general population were fans but because it was green. I don’t remember the name of the attendant because it was all a blur, but he did handle our drunken guests quite well. We had bought an add-on where they have a projection screen of all the shots taken in the booth. That was fun to watch throughout the reception because some people got absolutely crazy. Every person got a copy of the image who was included in the picture.  12 people in the photo, 12 copies. We also received a disk at the end of the night with all of our images on it which we laugh at as we go through. Overall, a great experience and it wasn’t cramped!

Formal Expressions (Maple Shade, NJ) A+: Gene and his staff are awesome! We chose tuxes many moons before and then I went and made changes. They made the process so easy. They do in-home fittings so it gives the guys the chance to hang out. I wasn’t sure between a bow-tie and tie and they brought both options to the house for me to decide. They drop off all the tuxes and required pieces and there was no issue. They own all of their stuff which I love because it makes it easier if there is an issue. Luckily, we did not have an issue, but if so, they have it in stock. They have so many suites to choose from in range of prices to make it the most affordable for anyone. They’re also located next to an amazing bridal shop that has the most helpful staff.

Bridal Manor (Sewell NJ) A+: I loved the bridesmaids’ dresses so much! The bridesmaids had a choice of a certain color and fabric based on the designer I chose and they could pick their own style. It worked out amazing and the staff was extremely helpful the multiple times I went. I went with 8 bridesmaids and 2 moms at one time. I was crying and they were there to help (it was very stressful! Lol) but they were awesome! Then various appointments later, each girl finally chose their own style without duplicating. They have such a wide selections among the designer Impressions/Davinci that it worked out. They had so many to choose from and it made it confusing but they pushed through. My mother in law also bought her wedding jewelry from there. The woman who is so hard to make happy and make a decision was able to do so. Overall, my experience was awesome. My one bridesmaid did her alterations here and had no issue and the dress looked gorgeous on her! Overall, everyone looked amazing and they made me so happy!!

Hair and Makeup A+: I used a local person who is a friend of a friend. She did amazing stuff and was rather cost effective. The two girls traveled to us which made it easy. I paid less for that than being in weddings having to go to the actual salon. It made it much easier. Airbrush makeup is usually expensive but this was amazing.

Transportation A+: We used a friend of a friend, who drives a school bus. Amazing price and so easy to work with. My boss’s daughter’s friend was in a bind, and he did her wedding and she was absolutely happy with it. Other friends of ours used him and were satisfied. He provided a shuttle to and from our venue for our guests to be safe.

I know some of the following are prior to the wedding, but I’d like to include them since they were such important vendors.


Antonia’s Bridal and Alterations (Pitman, NJ) A+: My sister used her for her wedding..at 2 weeks before her date after her other seamstress was a total flake..she does wonders!! She has also used her for her bridesmaids’ alterations including for my wedding. I used her for my wedding dress and even bought a new veil from her shop. I lost weight and ordered my dress smaller than I needed but still needed alterations. She took in almost 4 inches from each side in order to get it to fit. It looked amazing and she took her time and I never felt rushed. Each visit made me feel like I’ve known her for years. The veil I got, which to me was expensive because I’m cheap but when I tell people, they tell me it’s cheap considering the amount of beading on it was probably one of my most favorite things. I was not about that kind of veil but I honestly fell absolutely in love and wore is MUCH MUCH longer than I had originally anticipated. The beading matched my dress perfectly! She altered my sister’s dress and my mom’s dress. AMAZING AMAZING work and totally worth the 30 minute drive out of my way to go to her. Will continue to use her for future alterations.

Bernie Robbins Jewelers A+: From the beginning, we have loved the service and products we’ve received.  We worked with Ellen at the Marlton store in the Promenade shops. We first encountered Bernie Robbins when we won a contest through an essay contest which gave us the most beautiful ring. From there we bought matching wedding bands to the engagement ring as well a custom ring for my husband. From Ellen to Rebecca (Marketing) at Bernie Robbins, they have truly made us feel like part of their family. I would recommend anything from there because they are such kind people. I look forward to getting future pieces from there.

Groom’s Cake @ Rehearsal A+: https://www.facebook.com/#!/SweetieCakesByMichelle?fref=ts          This vendor was someone that I found through a friend. She did her wedding cupcakes and they were amazing. I had to do this on the DL so my husband wouldn’t find out. He was absolutely surprised and everyone enjoyed it! The cost was inexpensive and after the deposit, I made sure the money was to her before the day of. I didn’t meet her until the day she brought the cake but we communicated through facebook messages. I needed a Miami Dolphins themed red-velvet cake and she sure did deliver. Everyone loved it. Her cakes are so moist even and taste homemade! I would recommend her and plan on getting cakes from her in the future. For someone who does this on the side, she is awesome at what she does. Her facebook page has many other cakes that she has done.

Rehearsal Brunch @ The Pop Shop (Collingswood, NJ) A+: We are nothing but big kids and enjoy going here for regular meals so it was exciting to be able to do our rehearsal brunch. They provide balloons in the color of choice and the buffet had our favorite choices of food and they let us tweak the grilled cheese to how we usually order it when eating there. The food was as always amazing and would recommend them for private parties as well!

In the end, I have ALWAYS been a bridesmaid and finally it was my time. I don’t think I’m missing any vendors at all but my overall experience working with each and everyone single one of them was pleasant and stress-free. They were all helpful and able to work with me on anything. I was not the least bit disappointed. It was seriously the best day ever!

Re: Vendor Review 12/30/12

  • Great reviews! Thanks for sharing and congrats!
  • Thanks for sharing and congrats on your wedding!

    Questionfo you  about Antonia's - did you find her pricing to be good?  I'm dreading when I need to start getting an idea of how much alterations will cost on my dress!

    We're booked Sean from Center Stage as our DJ and I can't wait!  Glad to hear you had a great experience with the company.
  • In Response to Re: Vendor Review 12/30/12:
    [QUOTE]Thanks for sharing and congrats on your wedding! Questionfo you  about Antonia's - did you find her pricing to be good?  I'm dreading when I need to start getting an idea of how much alterations will cost on my dress! We're booked Sean from Center Stage as our DJ and I can't wait!  Glad to hear you had a great experience with the company.
    Posted by alk0511[/QUOTE]

    I've usually gone to a family friend for alterations so its always been cheap. She did a ton of work, but allowed us to pay over the appts. My mom lost her job before the wedding and was covering the alterations so it helped. The price is totally worth it for the amazing job she does
  • Thanks for this info.  I'll certainly keep her in mind when the time comes!
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