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Asking guests to sit...

FI and I were watching Four Weddings, and one of the brides had the pastor ask all the guests to please remain sitting for the entrance of the bride.  I found this a wonderful idea, because I've been to many weddings where the guests cannot see the bride entering.  What do you ladies think?

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    I like it, but just because everyone's sitting still doesnt meant that you'll be able to see the bride.
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    ditto kalizooma.  People on the aisle will be able to see whether sitting or standing.  People farther down will still be craning their necks to see over the people beside/behind them.
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    Agreed.  All it takes is one big head to obstruct the view of many :) 
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    I think the standing allows people to stand and turn to actually see the bride and watch her entire walk down the aisle where if they remain seated there will be a lot more "white" noise from people scooting around on the pews, trying to see and will be a bigger distraction to others. 

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    I think it makes perfect sense if guests are seated in chairs that they can move/adjust a bit.  But, if this is a Church with fixed pews, I agree with the above -- sitting or standing, someone will not have a perfect view.
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    I plan to do this at my wedding since we have two aisles at our ceremony site and no center aisle. This way everyone can see rather than just those closest.
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    we asked everyone to remain seated, mainly because i've been to weddings where some people stood and other stayed seated, because no one instructed anyone on how to do it.

    i think either standing or seated is fine as long as all the guests know what's expected of them.  it was easy for us to get this message across at our wedding, as we had a pre-ceremony event (Tisch/Bedekken) with all the guests, and our rabbi was very explicit about the expectation to remain seated.

    if that's not an option, you could write the expectation into the program and HOPE that everyone reads it.

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