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Wedding Venues in South Jersey??

Hello All!!

I recently got engaged in July.  My fiance and I have been searching for the perfect venue.  We've been looking mainly in North Jersey, since that's closer for us, but the prices dont seem to go any lower than $115 pp before tax and gratuity. So we want to look elsewhere to see if there's any change in the prices.
We have a minimum of 180 guests, aiming for Friday evening in August 2012, and would like to find a place that charges maximum $110 pp before tax and gratuity.
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Re: Wedding Venues in South Jersey??

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    Unfortunately I don't have all the info from when I was looking for our hall because I loaned it to someone and never got it back but I can tell you that my fiance and I found several venues in South and North Jersey that would fit into that budget. We're getting married in January so that would obviously bring our prices down but even then they should still fit into your budget with the upcharge for August. The Manor in West Orange was $85pp and they were willing to throw the Venetian hour in for free for us as well. (That was w/o tax and tip.) The Shadowbrook was $110 pp all inclusive however that was for their middle package with a lot of extras thrown in so they definitely have lower priced packages than that and they do lower prices for Fridays and also work within a budget if you tell them how much you can afford. One place that had GREAT prices and were really really nice was The Primavera Regency in Stirling (I think Stirling) on Rte. 78. All their packages were under $100 and they also offer a money back guarantee if you do your tasting and don't like the food. Originally we were looking in North Jersey as well however we ended up in South Jersey because of the prices. It really is much less expensive. Good Luck!
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    Bianca, I just sent ya a PM also.

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    I just got married that The Mansion in Voorhees.  They were under your price point for us, but I booked in 2009, so I'm not sure what 2012 prices look like.  When they quote, they usually include tax and grat. so it will look higher, but once you take that out it's about par with other venues.

    Lucien's Manor and The Merion can also hold that number of people for around your price point.
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    I'm getting married at the Crystal Ballroom at the Radisson Hotel of Freehold. For a Friday, they charge $109 (including gratuity) per head.
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    I will definitely be making calls this week to each of these places! Thanks sooo much for the help ladies!! ^__^
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    I dont know if you are interested in Atlantic City or not, but check out the Chelsea Hotel.  Its beautiful!!!  And their packages start at $109per person.

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