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Venue for 600 people?

Asking for a friend's wedding. Looking for a hall that allows outside catering, that can fit about 600 guests. So far most of the fire halls seem like they hold about 350 max.

Re: Venue for 600 people?

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Have you tried looking into your County Park system?  I don't think you will have many indoor venues that can hold that many people unless you rent out a convention hall!

    If you can find a large county park, they may allow you to have rentable tents put up for the day.

    May I ask why her guest list is so large?  She can't cut her guest list at all?
  • Did you look into a museum or the Camden aquarium?  They may be able to accomodate a large group of that nature.  
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  • Check into The Merion (specifically the Palazzo ballroom). It is HUGE! When we secured our venue (skylight ballroom in Merion) we had a tour of whole facility and the night before there was over 400 poeple in Palazzo and definitely still a good amount of space. It might be worth getting in touch with them :)
  • I don't think the Merion allows outside catering but they're one of the only venues that comes to mind for 600 people. Other than that, maybe some of the larger hotels could hold that many, but again - no outside catering I would think.

    There's an American Legion hall in Brooklawn, NJ that is very large but I'm not sure what the max occupancy is.
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