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#600 in Fargo

My FI and I got our marriage license today.  We were the 600th person to get a license at the Fargo courthouse this year.  The person helping us said she wished they had some confetti and balloons to drop on us.  It was kind of funny.

Re: #600 in Fargo

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    Was it easy to get?  We haven't done ours yet and the wedding is 2 weeks away.  We don't live in the same town which makes it hard.  Our plan was to get it Thursday before the wedding.  Is it easy enough to do that?
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    I thought it was really easy.  It took us 5-10 minutes.

    If you're going to the Fargo courthouse, you can view their information here:

    marriage info <---link

    You should be fine getting it the Thursday before.
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    hey thanks for that link queendirectory!  ii was wondering about the license too..  :)  very helpful!
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