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Officiants in Fargo?

We are looking for someone to officiate our Fargo wedding--- thoughts?

Re: Officiants in Fargo?

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    You didn't mention whether you are looking for a religious ceremony or a secular one — but if you are looking for a flexible religous officiant, I have to recommend Rev. Jamie at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. He's amazing.
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    I'll bump this one.

    We're looking for a non-denominational religious ceremony. Any recs?
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    I'm wondering about this as well. We are looking for someone flexible who will allow us to have a lot of input into how the ceremony is performed. A ceremony that is somewhere in between religious and secular. The best option that we found was Rev. Debra Graham, but she is unavailable on our date! I have spoken with her several times though she seemed very nice and flexible. Her website is if anyone else is interested.
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    The officiant for our May 28th wedding will be Reverend Robert Howard of Grand Forks. He has been fantastic to work with so far and will do basically any kind of wedding you want, including secular and non-denominational. His prices are great and he's a very kind, easygoing person who will be extremely flexible in creating the wedding ceremony you want. His website is By the way, he is definitely willing to travel as he is doing our wedding in Minot.
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