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North Dakota

Riverboat wedding in Bismarck, ND

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has had a wedding/reception on the Lewis & Clark Riverboat in Bismarck, ND. If you have, please let me know if it was worth the money. What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? Is it worth my time checking into? Any pics would be great too!! :) Thank you!

Re: Riverboat wedding in Bismarck, ND

  • You are going to find that unfortunately, this board is very dead. There really aren't many people from ND on The Knot and if there are they don't post here. I have been on TK for about 8months and check this board periodically and rarely does anyone post here.

    Sorry this isn't answering your questions at all, just thought I would let you know. I hope you find some good suggestions, I think it sounds like it would be an awesome reception.
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  • I think the riverboat is a very cool idea! I don't know anyone who was married on it but my friend had her bridal shower on it. There's a couple factors that would make me shy away from it. I think none of the follwing is a problem for you then go for it!
    *The limited capacity - For DH and I a 100 person limit would only be half our familes.

    * The weather - I know you can have a back-up location to minimize worry but I would be crushed if the Riverboat was my dream and it was ruined by a summer storm.

    * Distractions - I'm sure they try and start your ceremony on a quieter part of the river. I can just imagine some annoying guys on jet skis trying get you to wave or load boats zipping around you.
  • Oh the Riverboat would be so fun!  What a fantastic idea! 
  • One of my BFFs had her wedding ceremony and meal on the riverboat in 2007. It was pretty crowded downstairs - I missed the toast because it was too crowded - and while it was beautiful and hot for the rehearsal, it was cold!!! in May for the actual wedding.

    You're limited capacity on the boat too, but that might not be a bad thing. The ceremony was actually held while the boat was docked, and then the cruise was for the dinner portion, so the noise wasn't really an issue during the ceremony.
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