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Groomsmen are Marines except 2

My Fiance is a Marine and so is the entire side of grooms men except for 2. My fiance will be wearing his uniform but wants all his grooms men to wear tuxs so he can stand out I'm fine with that i doesn't matter to me either way. i am wondering if anyone has ideas to incorporate the Marin Corp symbol into the tuxs for those who are or something like that so they stand out as well?

Re: Groomsmen are Marines except 2

  • You can get them small lapel pins?
  • It always boggles me that people think they won't stand out if the groomsmen wear the same thing.  He's the groom.  He'll stand out.  If someone isn't sure who he is, they should probably not be at the wedding.  
    To answer your question, I would say a lappel pin or tie pin would be nice.  Your FI can give them as a part of his gifts to his groomsmen.  
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