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Deleting account?

Hey ladies!

I just recently started poking around the boards and I saw several of you mentioning on here about changing your screen names to keep up with the military's security requirements. Although my fiance is only in the process of joining the Marines right now (ASVAB and physical this week! Yay! Can't wait for him to finally be signed up!) I figured I might as well delete this account and get a new one with a secure name before anyone gets to know me by this one.

So how do you delete an account/change your name??? I've been looking everywhere!

Thanks so much!
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Re: Deleting account?

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    Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    You can't delete your own account.  You have to email TK and ask for it to be deleted.  In the meantime, just create a new account and start posting from that and stop posting from this one.  
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    ESquared423ESquared423 member
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    I had to e-mail them 3 times and then send them the following info:

    Bride's Name
    Groom's Name
    Wedding date
    Account username
    Account password

    It was quite the process and then I had to create a new e-mail to create a new account on here because I could not use my previous/original one. And now on this account none of my favorites save. But anyway, e-mail them the info and they should delete the account within 72 hours.
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    Thanks for the advice! I got it deleted on the first try! :)
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