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So...My FH and I don't go to church, or have a relaitve who is a pastor or anything, so we are clueless on who to have officiate it.So we thought that we would have a chaplain do it. If you have used a chaplain, could you tell me a bit about your experience, and what I should expect...?I'm sort of clueless with this part of it.
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    We are being married by an Army Chaplin.    Be prepared to have to have a few meetings with your chaplin.  They will not just say "sure when and where"  Ours is requiring us to have 2 three hour sessions with him.   Other then that your FI just needs to contact whoever the chaplin for his unit is. Sorry  I am not much more help then that.  My FI is taking care of all that since he really wanted to be married by an Army Chaplin. 
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    We used a retired Army Chaplain for our wedding. How we found him though was by complete accident. We were going to try to get married by my old pastor when that fell through, when DH suggested a Chaplain. My mom was talking to a work friend who recommended his old friend, our Chaplain. So we got his information, sent an email, found out he was free so we set it up then. We met up with him for dinner to go over everything and he showed up and that was it! So yeah, sorr that doesn't really help in your case, but I was recommended by some old knotties on here to go to your local base and start talking with them. Bases usually have a few that can do it, but availability can be iffy. But that is probably the best place, because I'm sure if they can't help you, they can probably point you in the right direction. Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)
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    In my experience, the chaplains on base will have some sort of pre-wedding requirement (courses, counseling, etc). Why not just go with a JOP? Or, if you want, you could have a friend/cousin/sister/brother get ordained. It's pretty simple these days, and it'll be more meaningful because it'll be someone you know and love standing up there with you performing your ceremony. Rather than a stranger who doesn't really know you and your FI and can't really relate to you.
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    As PP said your FH or yourself (whoever is the servicemember) can contact your local chaplain.  They probably will require pre-wedding counseling of some sort, yes.  But I personally really enjoyed our premarital counseling, as it helped FI and learn a lot about each other than we didn't already know.  The premarital counseling also gives you and FI to get to know the chaplain and develop a repoire there, which is also nice.
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