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Hello everyone! I just found this board and I'm glad I did planning a "military" wedding is so much harder than a regular wedding. Anyways FI and I will be married August 15, 2010 in San Diego, he is active duty Navy and I am waiting to get into a nursing program. We have already had to change our date once because they moved his deployment up so HOPEFULLY we don't have to change it again lol but who knows! I don't have much say in it lol Anyways I am very familiar with the navy lifestyle, my dad is still active duty and has been in almost 23 years, but being on the spouse side is SOOO much harder than the daughter side. Anyways that's just a little about us! Good luck with everyone else's planning :]

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    ya it sucks to have to keep changing a wedding because deployments, and what not.. we were supposed to have a big wedding in may, but he left before the time. so we are doing it on our 2 year anniversary.. so are you having a military themed wedding? the only thing military about our wedding is he will wear his dress blues, and our wedding colors are blue and pink.. so have you picked out your dress or anything like that? flowers? bridemaid dresses? gl with planning! :)
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    Yeah it does suck, but we do what we have to right!?! As for the planning, I have my ceremony and reception site, I have met with the florist I will be using hot pink roses and white gerbera daisies, I meet with my photographer next week to put the deposit. As for BM dresses I am not going to be too picky unless somehow they can all decide on one but if not I am ok as long as it is black and knee length. I am going dress shopping for me hopefully next weekend. As for the military we originally had out date for October and he was going to wear his dress blues but now since it is in the summer he doesnt want to wear his whites so he will not be wearing his uniform. My dad I believe will be wearing his uniform though so we are incorporating it that way. Other than that not really. That is exciting you finally get to have your ceremony!! How is your planning coming along?
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    Yeah we all go through it, and I think when you marry someone in the military, they say anyways it is like your marrying the military. lol ooo are you having an indoor wedding? outdoor? beach? We are doing the ceremony at a golf course, it's really pretty and green lol! Aww I love pink roses! I'm using pink roses in my matron of honor bouquet. As for mine, I'm having cream roses, with stephantios with little pearls in them and having the stems wrapped.. What kind of pictures do you want? lol my dad is like I want lots with the family. I told him, I thought it was kinda old school to take a lot but some are good, lol I want ones of mostly us, and of course our parents.. So what are your wedding colors? black? Ya black dress are so so beautiful, and tea length is good for a taller person, or a shorter person. Ooohh how exciting, so do you want a simple dress? beading? lots of designs? strapless? Wedding in oct are so pretty because the leaves are turning colors, my cousin got married in oct. oo do you know if he is going to wear a suit, or tux? haha my hubby bought a suit, showed it to his mom, and she was like I thought you were wearing your blues like your dad. lol he is going to suprise her! Yeah I have been waiting for a year to have my ceremony! yay!
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    Welcome and congrats!   We're getting married about a month and a half before you. We had like a six week period where we felt comfortable about putting our date in there, because we're not sure when he'll be sent for training...if we pushede it up any earlier, we were afraid he wouldn't have his commission, and if we waited any later, he'd be taken for training and we'd have to postpone. The military is so frustrating sometimes. But it's so worth it. :)
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