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AW: Photographer and New Job!

So... One of my friends is starting his own photography business. I contacted him about possibly taking some pictures for when I get my Aggie Ring (TAMU's class ring) in November. (All I have to pay for are actual prints)Then I breached the subject of him possibly taking my wedding pics. He agreed and is turning out to be pretty cheap, since he's just starting out. There isn't a contract or anything yet, but I'm 99.9% sure he's the right choice. (As of now, he's only planning on charging $500 for video, ceremony, reception coverage, individual and group shots).And........ I GOT A NEW JOB! I was working at a bookstore on campus, but they treat their employees like expendable resources. I was so tired of that, so I started hunting. Now I'm basically a secretary instead of retail. I'm so excited! No more weekend or evening shifts!! YAY!OK, AW moment over. How is everyone?

Re: AW: Photographer and New Job!

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    Yay on the photog!! What a great savings!!And I totally feel you on the job change.  I just recently moved from retail manager to office receptionist.  Evenings and weekends off is such a life changing schedule!!! It'll be even better starting next week, when FI gets moved from graveyards to day shifts (FINALLY!!!).GL w/ the new job. I hope you enjoy it tons!!
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    Thanks! I'm really excited. I am supposed to start Monday, so we'll see how it goes. FI was so excited about the job change that he's planning on taking me out to a nice dinner to celebrate. We usually go to football games together on the weekends,  and my last job usually made me miss the games. It was also going to make me work Thanksgiving Day. I'm glad THAT'S over! 
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    Yay for jobs that don't require weekends!!
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    Congrats! I just got a new job too. :)
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    That's exciting! What kind of new job did you get?
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