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New Military FI- Wedding at base?

Hello Ladies!I am new to the military life and so far I think I've been handling everything pretty well (even though some days are better than others) My boyfriend is in the Navy and we are getting married in the beginning of the new year. We are having a very private civil ceremony first, and then while he is away, I will plan the bigger ceremony with our family and friends. I am planning the bigger ceremony now, but I don't have a specific date, since I have to estimate everything around deployment dates. I know it's very tough to plan a wedding around deployments, but I'm sure that somehow it'll all come to place in the end. I was given awesome advice from my local board on planning a wedding on a budget if I do have it in NJ, but now I am having second thoughts about wanting my wedding at home. I was thinking that maybe I would rather have it where ever he gets stationed. Long story short, I just want to know has anyone had a wedding at a military base? I don't want a really formal wedding, I just want something fun, but not TOO casual. My biggest worry is the reception. Do we have to rent a hall off base? If most bases have halls that we can rent as well as caterers in the area, this would be a lot easier.any advice would be appreciated :)

Re: New Military FI- Wedding at base?

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    My FI is a reservist right now, so we haven't had a duty station yet where we've lived on base....however, I have heard that there are base halls and such you can rent for decent prices. I think it'll all depend on where he's stationed and when it could be. Keep looking! Sorry I'm not more help. :)
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    That is a helpful answer because at least now I know that I can rent a hall at the base! thanks so much and congrats on your engagement :)
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    I responded to your post on the receptions board  If you can, I recommend a base hall or club.  For one thing, its duty and tax free which can be a huge savings itself.  For another they are highly experienced caterers who are used to doing events from company BBQs to Commader's Call Dinners and military balls.  I don't know if it is the same on all bases or not, but we are having our reception at our local NCO club.  If FI joins the club as a member (there are fees, but they are small) we save 10% on our reception, including the bar tab. There are some security regs to take into consideration (I have to have a list of all civilian attendees over the age 16 and some of their ID info 4 weeks prior to the event, which means RSVPs are due 6 weeks prior) but over all the saving were worth it.
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