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Hi ladies, this is my first time writing on here but thought it would be helpful to hear the opinions of women that are going through the same thing. My FI has been overseas in the Army the whole time that we've been together (We've been friends for 10 years prior to dating). Being apart has been really hard but luckily we get to talk often. Recently I found out that I have some health concerns and though we still plan to have a big ceremony next Oct., we decided to have a small ceremony in December when he comes home on leave. In your experiences, how does family and friends react to having a wedding ceremony after already being legally married? I was worried that this small ceremony would take away from my dream wedding in Oct. but now I know that being married to the man I love is more important, life is short. I would appreciate any support, encouragement, and advice that you have to give. Thank you! P.S. I'm tired of waiting for him to get home! But I know you can all relate.

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    Check out my post a few posts down titled "General Questions." I asked nearly the same question.
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    I think a lot of brides on here jop, then have a big wedding. That is what I am doing. It seems to me that people, are excited just as excited for you so they treat like it was was your big day. I don't think it makes it any less special, because I know every bride wants to have a special day, with the big dress, flowers, and the dancing.. Gl with planning..
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    I'm a military MOB - been on active duty 23 years myself so I'm kind of particular about this question. Here is my thought on your situation (and keep in mind I have 4 grown DD's!).  I think the key is to be honest with EVERYONE that you are married and especially as to why you JOP'd.  If you were my DD and needed health care I would be your biggest defender about JOPing and then doing an honest vow renewal. If you were just star struck head over heels in love, ran off to the JOP and then insisted on the pretty princess party out of entitlement, that would be a different story. If you guys are rock solid about getting married and you don't have health care, I would gladly attend your wedding and wish you the best. That was a lot of babbling but I hope something in there helps!  Just be open with everyone about it.
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    Thank you guys for your comments! I didn't see your post tendonhead but you're right it is almost exactly the same. The comments you got were helpful for me too. :)
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