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Tux or Dress Blues?

Hi Ladies,I usually post to the Boston board, but I figured you all would have a better idea what to do in this situation. My fiance is Army National Guard, but we can't decide on whether he should wear his Dress Blues or a Tux for our wedding. He did deploy for a year, and the Army is a big part of his life, I'm just not sure if wearing the uniform is more appropriate for active duty members. Any thoughts??

Re: Tux or Dress Blues?

  • hegrigsbyhegrigsby member
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    I think it depends on what he wants to wear. My FI thought he waned to wear his blues, but now he's changed his mind. So, what would you FI feel more comfortable in? What does he want to see in pictures years from now?
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    I think if he wants to wear it he should! Army National Guard is not worth any less than active duty Army, and I think it's perfectly appropriate to wear it if he wants.
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    I agree with PP. It would be very appropriate and acceptable for him to wear his uniform if he would like. But he should wear what he feels most himself in, as, as PP stated, that is what will be in the pictures for years to come.
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  • aprilrose975aprilrose975 member
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    My FI is in the Army National Guard and he is wearing his dress blues.  We are also being married by an Army Chaplin and a lot of our guests have said they will be wearing military dress as well.  FI loves being a soldier and this what he wanted.  I figure those uniforms cost a small fortune to buy and keep up to date.  You may as well use the darn things.  So far the only place he has gotten to wear it is his graduation from OCS.
  • kaynix21kaynix21 member
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    I think he should wear his blues! My FI is a Marine reservists right now...he'll be an officer heading for training by the wedding, but even if he was a reservist at the time, I would insist on him wearing his blues (as long as he wanted to of course). So in answer to your question chrencarna, it is totally appropriate -- so if he wants to wear his blues, he should. If he doesn't, then that's fine too.
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    I agree if he wants to wear his blues I think he should Like Bint said the guard is just as important as active duty.
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    ITA with Bint. One question though, what does HE want to wear? If it doesn't matter then Blues would be an awesome choice, but if he doesn't want to then a tux would look nice too. I say leave it up to him.
  • Smudges*MomSmudges*Mom member
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    If he wants to wear his blues, then I say he should! My DH looked so damn handsome in his at our wedding! Besides, they don't get to wear them often, so its a great reason to wear them! Keep in mind that if he does wear them, you don't need to worry about blues and tuxes--they look fine together. At our wedding, our dads wore tuxes (DH's dad was a groomsman), DH's best man wore his Army Dress Mess, DH wore his Army Blues and our Chaplain was in his Air Force Blues. Looked fine! Good luck with the planning!
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    Hey smudge!  Long time no see!  Hope all is well for you.  I'm posting and running though.  Off for the weekend to Great Wolf Lodge with the DD's and g'kids. OP - I'm one of those full timers in the National Guard - have been for over 23 years.  Your FI is just as deserving to wear his blues as our active duty counterparts and it is appropriate if that is what he wishes to do!  With the exception of some of my peers......guys look hot in blues! Ditto Smudge - don't worry about what color your BM's are wearing, if the other guys are wearing tuxes, etc.  TRUST ME!  It all goes together and I've seen any color combo you can imagine.  Those blues stand alone just like your gown does.
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    He can wear whatever he wants!  He is just as much a soldier.  My husband is active duty and he decided to wear a tux just because he is more comfortable in it.
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    I had just assumed that FI would want to wear his uniform! I had never even thought to ask him (i know i know bridezilla lol) But I just asked him and he is super excited to wear his dress uniform :) yay! (The one on the right)
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    my faince originally wanted to wear his dress blues in our wedding which i was super excited about we decided on colors and everything i picked out my dress and its gonna look great with his uniform and then like 4 months later he tells me he has changed  his mind. Of course im ok with it and we start re planning but im really bummed out that hes not wearing his dress blues is any one else in my situation?
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