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army bride to be...

hi, new... whats the do's and dont's of posting? not much of a forum user

Re: army bride to be...

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    Familiarize yourself with OPSEC and PERSEC.  OPSEC is Operational Security and means you don't write any specific information about operations, like dates, locations, etc.  PERSEC is Personal Security and means you don't write full names, locations, etc. of you and your SO.  Just remember that this is a public international message board, and anyone and everyone can read what you post.  You don't ever want to post anything that can be used to harm your SO or anyone else.  
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    I would also recommend lurking on the boards for a while before posting. Each board has a certain tone/feel/way of interacting... thus post accordingly.

    Also make sure to check back at least a page... repeating posts is a major annoyance among the regulars.

    On that note.. Welcome! :)
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    Go to the main Military Brides page.  See the little check box on the top right that says "Sort by most recent post"?  Make sure that box isn't clicked, then refresh the page.  This will update by which threads have been active most recently.  It's super annoying when someone will post on something that hasn't been commented on in weeks or even months.  I mean, if you have a really good reason to drag it up again, go for it.  But usually it's just for someone to say, "I agree!" or something equally pointless.

    Otherwise, welcome!!!  OPSEC, PERSEC, ask any questions you feel like.



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