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it's the weekend!

Well, how are you guys? Anything fun? Better than I, I hope. I'm pretty sure I have an unwelcome visitor named mousy mouse. I heard noise last night near one of the traps and was too tired to deal with it so i slept on the couch....only hearing it try to excape all night. Or chew something up. I'm hoping the first one because the noise didn't stop when I made lots of noise to scare it. But it is still alive and i am blind without my contacts, and my contact case is near the trap that the noise is coming from. Gotta syke myself up....its just a mouse smaller than my's just a mouse smaller than my hand. I think my fear comes from the unknown. I think it is a tiny field mouse..but what if it is a giant rat....curse you terrible vision. Happy weekend!

Re: it's the weekend!

  • Ugh, I hate mice.  No matter how small they might be, I don't want them in my house or anywhere near me.   Did you ever catch it?
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