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Army wedding, Color Scheme help!

Im really stumped on what color scheme to pick for our wedding.. At the moment im leaning towards the Army Blue, and Red. My other option is Army Blue, and Pastel Yellow. I really want an elegant wedding very pretty and not very out there. But im OCD as crap and i want my bridesmaids to match the groomsmen ( all in the army) Is there any other color schemes that people have figured out that goes with the Army's Dress blues?

Re: Army wedding, Color Scheme help!

  • Everything gpes with Army dress blues. Pick any colors you want. Pinterest has a lot of pictures that you can get some inspiration from!
  • Personally, I think trying to be too matchy matchy is over kill.  The uniforms pretty much match with anything.  I'd just pick a color you like and go with it.  
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    After 26 years in the military I have seen just about every color combo you can imagine and they all looked wonderful.  I've seen BM's in pink, peach, lavendar, red, black, orange and others I'm just not recalling.

    Keep in mind that yellow can be a tough color to wear.  I look hideous in it and so do 2 of my 4 girls.  If you have girls who don't look good in yellow please don't choose it because it matches the uniform.  I promise that any color you choose will look awesome.

    I will selfishly admit, my own particular fave is red.  I find it quite stunning in a military wedding, but I've never seen an ugly military wedding for that matter.
  • I googled color schemes to find my wedding color, though I don't remember what site it was I had ended up on that was the most useful.
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  • that one has me stumped too. as of now ive chosen white red and black and i am worried it wont look good with his uniform
  • Just a suggestion, your fiance has a branch color and insignia that you will see on the dress mess uniform lapel--each branch (for instance, cavalry, armor, signal, medical, etc.) has a different color.  You could always choose the color that corresponds to your fiance's branch.

    For our 'colors,' we're doing gold and silver (reminds me of the medals and accoutrements on the dress mess uniform) with marigold yellow accents (armor branch color) and some dark blue that goes with the men's uniform pants.
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