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A tad stressed...

I'm pretty new to this...everyone seems so supportive so I thought I'd vent a little to people who may understand. I relocated in Nov. got engaged and started a new job in the same month and now we've received orders to move again. August wedding, September move and I am feeling overwhelmed. I have a day of wedding planner but all these little details are making wish I'd just gone to Vegas. Thanks for listening : Insert scream here

Re: A tad stressed...

  • Hi welcome and congrats!
    Is the wedding in your hometown? do you have someone there that you can trust to help with some of the details, someone who is willing to help?
    Although, it seems overwhelming it can be accomplished. You'll see a lot of the girls on this board did a wedding and move close together.
    Take a deep breath and focus on what needs to be done first, the rest will fall into place. Also, the little details, although nice, some of them don't matter, so don't worry if they don't work out.
    Although I  wasn't in the same situation as you, it was similar. i was planning to move to be with H after our wedding. however, when he was deployed, I got a job offer, so I moved then. I moved from NY to SC, all the while planning a wedding that was taking place in Florida. It can be done. Stressful at times, but it will be worth it.
  • Hey! A new VA poster- welcome :)

    gg had great ?'s and advice, so for now I don't have anything additional but welcome :)
    wedding1 Anniversary
  • Ggirl had a great post so I just want to say welcome and tell us about yourself!
  • Get through one thing at a time.  You can do it. 
  • Are you using the TK checklist or another similar one? I ignored the timelines TK gave but it helped keep everything straight...and like Geeg said, what doesn't get done, doesn't get done. My FSIL is getting married in two weeks and I told her, if your programs are black and white, no one will care. :) Prioritize things you MUST have/do and the things that would be great if you can afford/find time to get it done. And welcome!
  • Little details no one cares about... it makes it all tie together really well, but overall no one will care.  There was something I was thinking about this morning that didn't get done and I was kicking myself for... (can't even remember what it was now)....but no one cared. No one noticed... did not matter.

    Just know that no one will know if you forgot to get a cake topper, but they will know if you had a break down because the cake topper was missing.

    If you need any help feel free to ask!

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