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i think im gonna be sick...

FI is gonna be home in less that 24 hours, I havent seen him in almost 6 months (he is stationed in germany). He is lookin SUPER sexy too... hes been doin the p90x workout thingy and well... its workin. I have been planning the wedding to keep me busy while he was gone. I was talking about it earlier today about how everyone has been so worried about me because they thought i was going to be a nervous wreck and very stressed out, but it just felt like another day. Im so excited about him coming home and ive been counting the days HOWEVER reality hit me as i was falling asleep. I am getting married in less than 72 hours, so im finally stressed out, nervous, and i feel sick to my stomach. How could i not think about the wedding? I was so side tracked about him coming home it actually slipped my mind. i decided to work in the morning and im very seriously regretting not requesting it off. My goodness, its gonna take me like 30 to 45 minutes just to shave my legs (i didnt really see the point, no one was gonna be touching my leg anyways) OH and i still need to clean the rest of the house, what the heck was i thinking?! I should have asked for the day off, they would have givin it to me had i asked :(. Looks like ill be pulling an all nighter...
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Re: i think im gonna be sick...

  • kara811kara811
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    Wow!! Your  big day is coming up sooo soon!!!! 

    Stop stressing so much though! I'm sure everything will fall right into place and it'll be alright. I always get excited and a bit nervous before I see  my FI! I'll see him this Saturday after almost a month! He's coming in from Japan! So I'm kind of in the same boat as you, except for the wedding being so close of course! 

    Enjoy! Don't worry too much! You're getting to see him after so long, and just enjoy the time you'll have before the wedding! And have wonderful wedding! Congrats to the both of you! 
  • MirandaLoreneMirandaLorene
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    Don't stress and enjoy the day! Everything is going to be fine, just take a deep breath! Your wedding will be beautiful and amazing so take it all in! Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your time with your new husband. And congratulations! :)
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