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Save the dates/Marine traditions?

I'm helping my best friend plan her wedding since I'm more of a planner and she isn't. They just got engaged a few days ago, and he's a marine. He's thinking about setting a date four months from now, so is it pointless for them to send out save the dates & just go straight to invites? Also are there any marine traditions I need to know about besides the swords? Thank you!

Re: Save the dates/Marine traditions?

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    Well, firstly, you capitalize Marine. Always, every time. 

    The swords are only if he's an E4 or above, and everyone in the arch needs to be above that rank as well. 

    White trousers (even though all brides seem to want their fiances in them) are only for summer season, and only for E6 and above. There are not exceptions to this, even if the Marine is part of a unit that allows him to wear white trousers as a lower rank for performances and such (silent drill, etc.). Those trousers for social wear are only for E6 and above, and only in the correct season. 

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  • Ditto Stan. And also, no save the dates are not needed if the couple doesn't want them. I'm assuming those important to them know the date
  • Save the dates are completely optional for all weddings. I feel like if they're getting married in 4 months, it's probably just an added expense that is not needed. Talk to your friend and ask her what she wants.
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