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Sig issues

So, I've changed my sig. As in, on the line of code when I go to "update your sig" it should be a completely different thing and the old pic should no longer exist. I got a little weird about it being a pic of FI and the animals, so I changed it to a funny pic I have on the computer. When I first changed it night before last it totally worked. Now, however, whenever I post the old pic comes back even though it's no longer saved anywhere on the account. If I go to change the sig and hit save again it works for a little while and then reverts to the old sig. Any ideas how to fix this? 

Re: Sig issues

  • tyleet87tyleet87 member
    edited June 2012

    It does that to me as well. It is changed though. It's just trying to F with you. haha.
    I see Ice Cream so no worries.

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