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My fiance is a Staff Sargent in the Army... He is currently stationed 3,000 miles away from me on the complete opposite coast. What scares me is that our wedding id July 11, 2012 and he deployes to Afghanistain on June 3 of this year. So I am left to plan all by myself! My MOH is about 14 hours away as well. I NEED HELP AND ADVICE FROM OTHER MILITARY BRIDES! PLEASE! I AM DESPERATE!

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    hey what do you need? my fiance is stationed on the other side of the country too, its scary and hard. but i'm happy to talk/help with whatever i can.
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    Mine is on the opposite coast, too. Boys are no good for planning anyways. :)
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    My daughter is sorta in the same position, I was lucky enough to make 3 trips down there to get things rolling and help her choose some stuff. She has a great group of ladies @ her church as well that have been a trmendous help.

    Her MOH searched ideas out via the internet made a excell doc.. and e-mailed her ideas to both of us as we did her. That is how we came up with most of our ideas. Tech. is great now a days I would have LOVED to have it when I married :)

    When it came time to pick dresses out and we had an idea of what all we needed and were looking for ,her MOH and I made the was 3 LONG days of shopping but sooooooooo much fun!! 

    I left her with lists of what all else she needed and to look for. Her MOH did her invites so the printer just mailed them to her, while we sent her stamps.

    We also decided NOT to have a bridal shower because he rec'd orders to Germany(better than Afganastan, which were his org. orders) so we had to push the date WAY up by 10 months! So we decided when they get back state side in a few years we will do a "Welcome back" instead since they will be needing coffee pots and such when they get back.
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    I cant even give you advice because im too distracted by the glaring OPSEC violation in your post. IMMEDIATELY remove the date which he is set to leave. then I would be happy to advise you if I can help.
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    [QUOTE]I cant even give you advice because im too distracted by the glaring OPSEC violation in your post. <strong>IMMEDIATELY remove the date which he is set to leave. </strong>then I would be happy to advise you if I can help.
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    Like Stan said,OPSEC please. That's the very first thing you need to learn when posting on these boards.

    My H was in a whole other continent while I was planning our wedding stateside, so it was a bit difficult, plus he was on deployment too for most of the time. I emailed him lots of pictures and ask for his opinions and we made the decisions together on mostly everything. He wanted to be "involved" as much as possible. Don't forget military clauses in your contracts. Same with the MOH, my sister was on the other coast so we just text each other a lot and she tried to help me with research, other than that I pretty much did everything by myself. You'll be fine, don't worry too much. And again, OPSEC please. 
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    If you do not know how to fix or delete the dates swince this was your first post, there is an edit button under your post, PLEASE click on it and delete your dates! and then  select save or what ever it is. You NEVER give specific dates, NEVER!!!! You are putting ALOT of our loved ones in possible harms way.
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    My finace helped with everything and is very active. It was fun planning together. We have 20 days.
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    Fiances typically don't help plan the wedding.  If you have a guy who wants to, great.  My FI totally glazes over within the first 5 minutes of wedding talk.  Marriage talk?  He's all about it.  Children?  His favorite subject. Our wedding? Totally not his thing.

    If your guy is into it,  though, that's great.  You can share ideas online, send him pages of your ideas that you print out when you send packages when he's deployed.  But if this isn't his top priority now, he's not going to want to hash out wedding details during the few minutes he'll get to talk to you on the phone. 

    I live 3000 miles away from my family and close friends.  None of my girlfriends want anything to do with the wedding planning, and I'm not having any bridesmaids (just my brother).  And I'm perfectly happy doing it all myself, with a few phone calls (and visits) with my Mom.  Really, at the end of the day, it's a party.  A really fun party with a really special meaning.  But still, it's just a party.  And it truly isn't THAT difficult to plan a party for a few hundred people.  You need food, music, flowers, and a place to have this party.  Then you gotta pick out something to wear.  And you need to send invites to let people know about the party.  That's about it!



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    My DH wasn't even on the same continent either. Plus chances are that he won't have too many opinions about the wedding planning anyway. Grooms that have alot of input are few and far between. Ask him how involved he'd like to be. When he depolys (hopefully you will have familiarized yourself with OSPEC & PERSEC by then) He will still be able to check his email and I would reccomend using that to comunicate wedding planning with him rather than waste your phone calls asking him about roses versus tulips which I'm 98% certain that he doesn't care about.
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    WOW that's risky ... army deployments are 12mo and they always run a little late.. :/ Not gonna lie that makes me a little nervous...

    That being said. I'm an army brat (raised in Germany :) GO 1st ID! ) and am not a Navy bride. He was deployed for a lot of our planning too but we made it work. you have e-mail and skype. Don't stress. Take big calm-down breaths and realize you have a ton of military brides here to support you and help you with any questions :)
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