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Recommend 3 books to read, please

Since I have so many to choose from now, I'd like to know what you all recommend I read. Andddd go!

Keep in mind that I am about half way through Mockingjay, and will probably be having Hunger Game withdrawls :(

Re: Recommend 3 books to read, please

  • Have you read the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner?

    That'd be 3 books. 

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  • Oh oh! Game of Thrones series!! Easy reads but long and will take some time to get through. Also, the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon. Historical romance, great sex. I've also been told if I liked Outlander, I'd like Into the Wilderness by Sarah Donati, but I haven't gotten there yet. Also.....shiit, Geeg help me out here. I have some non-fiction that's good but it might not be your bag. 
  • IrishcurlsIrishcurls member
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    Destiny of the Republic, President Garfield's inauguration and assassination. Kara even bought it for her FIL on my recommendation. Oh not non fiction but historical, Sarah's Key. Nazi invasion of Paris in the 40s. Also I just got Mrs. Kennedy and Me, a memoir of one of Jackie O's secret service agent. I'm pretty excited about it!!
  • I haven't done a lot of reading lately (outside of school) but I love the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet. So I'm recommedning 4 not 3 but they're easy reads :)
  • ggirl2001ggirl2001 member
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    Oh I've been paged? 
    What do you like to read? I will go over to my book shelf and just list books.
    The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian, or really anything by him. love it.
    Kate Morton has great books. 
    Faith: A Novel by Jennifer Haigh-about a priest accused of child molestation. Really good
    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, about a person traveling to the Amazon I believe (somewhere in south america). Its fiction. 
    If you want mystery, anything by Dennis Lehane is incredible, I loved Gone, Baby Gone (its the movie with Casey Affleck). He also wrote Shutter Island, Mystic river. You get the idea. Amazing author
    The book Thief by markus Zusak. Awesome fiction book
    Ohh since you're my age. Love is a mixtape by Rob Sheffield. He's a writer for Rolling stone and its the story of him and his wife who died of a brain aneursym. Great quick read and extremely moving. 
    Stephen Kings 11/22/63 was pretty good. End was predictable though, but everything else was good. 

    Ok that's just what's on my kindle. I didn't go to my bookshelf. Need more? 
  • If you have Hunger Games withdrawl, read Divergent.  The second book in the trilogy comes out 1 May.  I loved it! 


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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_military-brides_recommend-3-books-to-read-please?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special%20Topic%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:13Discussion:3cb84c5f-308c-4638-b39c-be9b802b3fdaPost:bfc07559-3590-4e16-be2f-677f5dcb3178">Re: Recommend 3 books to read, please</a>:
    [QUOTE]If you have Hunger Games withdrawl, read Divergent.  The second book in the trilogy comes out 1 May.  I loved it! 
    Posted by iluvmytxrgr[/QUOTE]
    That's my next kindle buy. I also need to get to the book store soon just because, I like book stores. My H might kill me though if I come home with more books. We need a second bookshelf in our small apartment. 
  • I've been into a lot of romances lately so I read whatever is free on my Kindle. Lol. Also, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward is pretty awesome. Great sex too. Haha. There's 10 books and so far I have read half. I have the Bride Quartet series. Love those books! O started reading them while weeding planning.
  • I'm doing it wrong, because I haven't read any of these, but they looked really interesting to me and I really want to read them!

    The Memory Keeper's Daughter- Kim Edwards
    The Pact- Jodi Picoult
    The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone! I am going to check for all of these on my friends hard drive. I am sure a lot of them will be there! I am so excited :)
  • UPDATE: The list I have of books had a lot of the authors and books you guys listed, so thanks so much! I wish Divergent was on the list :( I'm at a total loss at which book I am going to read first! I am so excited to have this wealth of literature! Ha ha!
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