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Air Force/Irish theme

I'm starting my planning process and have a tentative theme of Air Force/Irish bouncing around in my head. My financee is in the Air National Guard and plays in different types of musical bands. I'm mainly Irish. So I'm trying to get an idea of a good balance between the two. Any suggestions would be great!!


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    I would find out from your FI how much he wants the military tied into his wedding.  Every SM is different, and some like my H, don't want any type of a military wedding.  

    If you do decide to go with both, I would maybe do green for one of your colors for the Irish theme.  Personally I like subtle hints of themes, but to each their own.
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    Best thing you can do for an Irish wedding is to have a bagpiper.  My Dad is straight off the boat (literally - he came over on a boat) from Ireland, and so I told my Mom that I wanted to surprise him with a bagpiper at my wedding.  She laughed and said he wanted to surprise me with a bagpiper, so that it was better we just work together to book it so we didn't end up with two competing bagpipers!!!  Haha!

    Also, you don't need a theme for the wedding.  The theme is "wedding".  If you want to encorporate elements of his career and your heritage, then great!  But don't feel pressured to make it a cohesive theme.  You can do one thing and then nothing else - like a mashed potato bar (something my Irish family is ridiculously excited about) or favors that tie into the Air Force (maybe paper planes?  I saw one bride whose husband is a commercial pilot do that, and it was adorable!)



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    I'm in the same boat as far as an Air Force/ Irish themed wedding. My heritage is huge, but my fiance is active duty. Traditionally Irish brides wore blue wedding dresses... I'm talking about wayyyyy back in the day before christianity. Having various blues and greens are a great way to tie colors in. My bridesmaids will be wearing dark blue dresses with pearl colored saches to match the groomsmen and my FI in his dress blues. I'm also making sure my bouquet has blue and white ribbons tying it together.
    One of the great things about the reception is being able to have a collection of colors and items to decorate the tables. With a basic white linen, you can get a square overlay (sheer colors are nice) in dark blue, true blue, and even shades of green at different tables. There are really cute celtic knot wedding favors too, like wine corks, or picture frames... I think there's even shamrocks.
    Good luck! Erin go bragh!
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