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Finally got my ring! - 18 days before the wedding :-)

FI and I have been planning our wedding for awhile, but I physically didnt have the ring...He had it sent to my place (he is on the boat) and when he was able to pull in last week for literally 12 hours, he went to my house and got the ring and then came to my work with it...I knew the box was my ring and as much as it KILLED me to not open the package, i didnt open it...I knew he had it on him and while we only had 3 hours together, i knew at some point, he had to actually offically "ask" me to marry him ;-)

I was driving him back to base before curfew, and still no ring - I was slightly dissapointed, but i was trying to keep it together and knew he must have a plan for a proposal, but i am super impataint and was DYING to see it (and I know, i know, its not about the ring! lol)

Anyway, we get to base and he gets out and I kinda pouted on the inside but sucked it up, knowing I wasnt going to get the ring just yet (even though we are getting married in 18 days!!!)

He came over tothe driver side and opened the door and gave me a kiss and got down on his knee :-)

he said it wasnt what he was planning, but he had to do it right then - he apologized that it wasnt a "great overly exciting" proposal, but it was perfect for us....

I cant wait!! only 18 more days!! OMG - i cant beleive it!! Im so excited!!

Re: Finally got my ring! - 18 days before the wedding :-)

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