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The BIG move

The day has arrived, they are packing up DD and hubby for their far, far away PCS destination. Today is day one of 2 that the movers will be there.
IThey are taking 2 dogs and 1 cat. This will be the first for both on the animal situation. When her husband was stationed over there last time he had no animals, and when he married DD she had 3 dogs, and 3 cats!

I am so excited for DD but at the same time I do worry since she hasn't been this far away from family for longer than 3 weeks, and she is looking at 4 years. She will be able to see family over there that she never met and some that she has and have a great selection of new foods, beer, and wine.

This is so real now....I have no idea how I am going to react when they leave from here to go there I am just hoping the tears wont flow!  I plan on visiting them early next spring so I keep telling myself spring is NOT that far away!

We had never PCS'd that far, the longest was 1200 miles.

What an adventure she is on!

What was your first far away PCS like?

Re: The BIG move

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    I've never PCSed but I did move an hour from the place that I was born and raised to live with FI. It was super scary. I didn't know anyone down here but my FI
    Military Brides December 2011 Siggy. Holiday picture with your SO. We suck and don't have one :/ Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
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    Good luck to her!  As hard as it is, try to keep your own sadness away from her for awhile.  The first few months can be quite difficult, and she'll need you to remind her that it was a good decision and that it's not as permanent and scary as she might think.

    I moved 1000 miles away to go to college and LOVED it, but Sunday afternoons were always the worst because it was lonely and no one was around.  I then decided to move 5000 miles away to Shanghai for 6 months, and that was a huge adventure!  I know it was really hard on my parents, but they were a great source of support for me and I really appreciated it. 

    The hardest move I've had was from DC to Miami.  I left behind my college friends and the city that had become my home for the complete unknown - no friends, no family, no job, and no way to meet people (nothing as easy as college or study abroad, anyway!).  My FI was great and really helpful in introducing me to his classmates, but I wanted to make my own friends and not depend on him for my social network.  I went into it willingly and without hesitation, it was only after being here for about 6 months that I realized I wasn't particularly fond of the city.  By the 1 year mark, I knew I hated nearly everything about this place.  I'm at 1 year 8 months, and I have 1 more year to go!



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    Oh gosh.. My first PCS was when I was 2 and we moved from Achorage to Fairbanks, and then back to Anchorage.. Then to washington... then to Germany.... then to................................
    It's a fun (albeit at times frustrating) experience :)
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    Baby Lily came to visit tonight so thus the reason it took so long for me to respond. I posted this at work and couldn't;t get back to it. She was gnawing at on a plum in my lap, and when momma came she blew bubbles at her then went to gnawing on her plum and then looked at momma and blew at her again! This went on for 20 minutes! It was so funny!

    @Kendall I know the feeling every where I have moved I hadn't;t known anybody, takes time and caution to meet the right .

    @ Cali, I am going to try not to tear up but I am an open book with my emotions so if I can pull this I get the Emmy this year!  Like you she is leaving behind alot of family and good friends and that is the hardest part in this whole thing. At least she will have her dogs and cat to comfort her.

    They just learned today they don;t fly pets as cargo if it over 80 degrees, so their concerned about that. I suggested to take an early or late night flight from Vegas, preferably a late night flight so when they go across the pond it will be cooler if they have to leave through Atlanta.
    Luckily he(DD Husband) knows alot of ppl where they are going as well and is somewhat familiar with the area since he has been stationed there before so that puts me at ease some. I actually hate it where I am as well, the only thing that keeps me here is my job other wise I would be back in Louisiana.

    @ First I completely forgot you grew up your whole life in the Military so when you stated you were two I had to laugh :)

    They(The movers) were there for about 30 min. and were done for the day, DD said today they packed 1,000 pounds, Wed, they will come back and get everything else. The stuff they got today was just the stuff they would need immediately when they reach their destination.
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    My first PCS move I was 6 months old. LOL. But first grown up PCS move - was just this past year. We moved in March from Virginia Beach (where my family is) to Jacksonville. I honestly had a hard time with it. I cried like a baby for like a week. I knew I wanted to go, but it was leaving everything I had grown to know, my family and my friends. I love my home here in FL but I still miss having friends, I still miss knowing where I am at what not. My mom handled it well, sort of. She wanted me to be happy but cried. That was the hardeset goodbye saying bye to my mom and dad. Just hang in there and let her know how proud you are of her and all those wonderful motherly things. I never talked much with my mom until I moved, now I call her daily or every other day - even before the engagement.

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    I PCS'd from MS to WA.. it was easy cause it was just me.

    I'll let you know in mid-Feb how our PCS goes!! It shouldn't be bad though because we don't have any furniture yet, and we're only moving like 3 1/2 hours from where I live now.
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