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OK so my wedding is set May 26, 2012. My FH is a Marine Reserve. He found out last weekend that he may be going to Africa for an AT in either April or May. They will be there for a month. But there is a 70% chance they will not go to Africa. If they don't go they will have there AT in June or July for two weeks.. I need help! Do I push the wedding date back to August or do I go ahead with the May date.. Please please help I'm freaking outCry

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    He can ask his unit about either doing home station AT or going to a school either earlier or later in the year.  Then, you won't have to change your wedding plans. 
    Also, I highly suggest you get a new screen name.  Having your full name and quite a bit of personal info on the web is never a good idea.  There are all sorts of creepers who have been known to stalk the boards and people who post on them.  Better to be safe than sorry. 

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    I think Bradley is her FI, not her last name. Another suggestion is to get wedding insurance and/or have a military clause for everything you sign ( dj, photographer, venue, etc.). Basically, if you cant have the wedding that day due to your FI's job, the vendors let you put your downpayment for another date, so you don't lose that money. Edited: for clarification
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    I'd go with both those pp. If you haven't booked everything yet make sure you get that clause in there. Because even if you ended up moving it something can always happen (plan for the unexpected). I haven't encountered a vendor yet that wasn't nice as can be about including this clause for me when we talked. I would also get him to talk to his unit. If he asks about leave and explains why he is wanting it (wedding of course) in my experience units have really tried to work for this with as little fuss as possible even if it was a family member (siblings) wedding and not the service members. Like pp said there are ways to work around it sometimes that wont have you have to move your date.

    On a different note if you haven't set anything in stone yet (ordered invites - booked vendors etc. it may be easier to talk to his unit and ask when would be best and when they can "promise" him leave time. That way you are less likely to have an issue rise up later with them coming home late, getting delayed leaving and therefor moving the return date, new developments and changes in where they are going that may change times and other random stuff that you cant predict. If that means moving it to July or Aug. or possibly bumping it forward if possible you can plan accordingly and make an informed decision for your specific situation that will hopefully give you the least amount of stress possible.
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