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Home sweet home blues... :(

Hey girls, well today has just been a hell of a day...packing and moving and unpacking and saying my goodbyes to my family. Well I guess today was to be the day that I became a big girl with the new job and apartment all to herself. I have to say that it was all great up until it hit me that I won't be seeing my family like I used to and that I'm literally all alone now. I got all choked up about it for a good 5 minutes and then realized that I guess this is just the way things have to be. However, I'm still pretty sad about my family. I love them so much :( and I'm really going to miss the summers and winters we spent together...

Re: Home sweet home blues... :(

  • I'm sorry you're bummed out. I have been feeling a bit like that too since moving from Georgia. Although it has been many years since I've lived with them.

    How far away are you from your family now?
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  • I get the feeling, but surprisingly after I moved, I found I wasn't homesick as much as I thought I would be. I do miss my family and friends, but I do like the life I've made for myself, so hopefully you have the same experience! 

    I do get homesick random times, like when everyone is at my brother's house having a cook out and hanging out. I never missed those and now I've missed a full year of them :( 
  • Hike: I'm only three hours away...but I think I always get like this when we say good bye. Now with a job outside of school where i am required to work most weekends, I'm not going to have the liberty to leave on a Friday afternoon to go down for the weekend. That's what gets me the most. :/     Ggirl: That&s usually the case when I move somewhere new, I'll be fine in the next couple of days though. I know what you mean as far as family get-togethers...I feel like every year I miss more and more events. :(
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