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OSGs? (or equivalents)

So I know that every base is different and such, but are any of you guys members of one or know much about them? FI brought home a ton a literature last Thursday (they had a welcome program for the new people on base) and one of the booths set up was for the OSG and FI went over and asked if he could have some information for his fiancee and if they accepted fiance/ees to join. She apparently gave him sort of a look and said something to the tune of "whatever, but it'd be easier if you were married." Not exactly warming me to the idea.

I've already e-mailed with the "Key Spouse," she actually gave him a welcome letter to give to me, and she seems really nice and pretty available. So, I guess, do I need to get involved with the OSG? Part of me says yes, because there's info I need, and also we'll be here 3 years and I want to be able to be involved on base, they seem to do a lot of service projects/fundraisers and get togethers, all of which sound like a lot of fun. The other part of me thinks I should just wait til after the wedding so that it's all kosher. I know that it looks good to have a spouse that's involved with the base, and I want FI to have it, plus, several things they do (like the bazaar) I've done before with groups and had a lot of fun with. And I'd like to meet some friends here. Any advice or personal experiences?

Re: OSGs? (or equivalents)

  • Is OSG similar to an FRG (family readiness group)?  If so then yes, I'm very involved.  I know every branch is different, but I have a role similar to a key volunteer.  

    I'm guessing they were off-putting to you as a FI because you don't have base access yourself.  I know for our meetings and events if you aren't a spouse you need to have someone get you on base for them.  I don't see why they should give you a hard time though, as FRG's are encouraged to include anyone the SM wants anymore, not just wives.  But there are some spouses, and unfortunately some in roles like that, who are snotty about anyone who isn't a wife.  

    If it were me I would start getting involved now if that's what you want.  Don't let their negative attitudes deter you.  Personally I really don't think it matters for your FI whether or not you are involved, but I am also at a huge command with thousands of SMs so they never really know who is involved and who isn't.  
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    Yeah, he's in a really small squadron now, they're kind of on a weird chain in that his little squadron has a captain, and they report directly to their general. I'd have to get him to explain it again, but he said that it's really different from any kind of command structure he learned about before. The OSG here stands for Officers' Spouse Group, which I think is kind of similar to the FRG if I'm understanding things correctly. At any rate, it's a really welcoming base and the squadron is really tight. I think I'm going to just join in, I'd rather not let one person being weird put me off.
  • Yeah if it's a really small squadron and a tight knit group then I would definitely choose to join now.  Like you said don't let one person get you down.  I consider myself to be a very friendly and welcoming person (at least IRL) but if you catch me on a bad day you might think otherwise.  
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    I kind of dislike rank specific groups for spouses (since the spouses don't have ranks), though I do understand the commands wanting to avoid the potential for frat between the active spouses. If there's a nothing to do with rank group, I'd join that first. I only have one friend from H's squadron though. I'd rather sit in my house alone watching Prison Wives on Netflix than be friends with very many others. There's a very obnoxious attitude of superiority from the flyer wives to the non flyer wives, and it makes me stabby. And I'm a flyer's wife.
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  • I keep meaning to join ours, but I haven't yet, mostly because I haven't had the time to even attend anything. However, H's CO's wife always asks me about it, so I feel like I should. You just reminded me I should send in my form :) I think it's a tad different from FRG, at least as I understand it. I went to a bunch of FRG events when H was at TBS. H's current unit doesn't seem to have one, since it's non-deployable, I guess. The FRG stuff was very specific to same company TBS spouses/fiancees/whoever. The OWC (they're old fashioned where I am, and i'ts actually the Officers' Wives Club, nothing PC about it :) ) is for all officers' spouses. It's a huge base, so again, I don't think anyone would notice or care if I was involved, except this one person. There are no expectations of attending any certain number of events though, as I understand it, so I think I'll just join to not be the only one who didn't (it costs $ but it's like $10) and if something interesting comes up that I want to help with, I'll go. A few of the women I've met on my own are members and all really nice.

    They do have some interesting things-- like book clubs and tennis groups such-- that I'd like to do, but they tend to meet really far from my house and at rather inconvenient times for my schedule. THey tend to be structured for SAH wives since they're all during the day. I have a flex schedule and would love to go, but to make a 9am book club I have to leave at 8, and wouldn't be back until 11 assuming a one hour meeting due to where they meet and where I live.

    Anyway, I say try it. If you hate it, you can always stop going or start being busy Smile
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  • I would join.  Don't let one person put you off. 
    H's unit doesn't allow SOs unless you are married.  I was pg the first time he left after we started seeing each other.  We weren't married.  I didn't get any info except what a friend would call and tell me.  Considering the nature of their unit, I'm ok with that. 
    I would start getting involved.  Let them know you are serious.  Volunteer for things. 
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