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New username and an introduction!

Hey ladies! I changed my used to be lam******86 (if I wrote out the entire thing it would defeat the purpose of this whole post) but I got a little paranoid about the OPSEC/PERSEC guidelines and didn't like the feeling of having my future last name be my I plan on utilizing TheKnot, TheNest and TheBump (eventually) from here on out! I put in my request to have my previous membership cancelled, so that username and everything should be wiped out soon. I picked ESquared because we are Eric and Erica..and one game night with friends we were partners and one of our friends said our team name should be 'E Squared' and it's just kind of stuck around ever since. lame, but kinda cute at the same time =)

I also figured I would just say hey and do a little intro since I never really did that before. My FI and I are both 24 and currently living in Hawaii. We both grew up in New England just 3 hours apart (him - New Hampshire, me - Maine) but we met while living in North Carolina in 2009..go figure! Our wedding is right around the corner (April 23) and I am so excited to be a military bride and wife. You are a great group of girls and I look forward to more posts and getting to chat more on here.

See you on the boards!
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Re: New username and an introduction!

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