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i marry my marine in 5 days. EEEEEEP!!!

i'm a mess!! last minute tips on relaxing? i could sure use them!

oh, and am i the only person(IDIOT!, haha) in the world who left her vows until the last minute?! i've got stuff written, but it's most definitely not a polished piece i'm ready and willing to proclaim in front of almost 200 people. tips on that are definitely appreciated too!

thanksss :)
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Re: saturday!!

  • BinxRoseBinxRose member
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    Sorry I'm not married for another 7 months so I have no advice. But ahhhhhhh so exciting! :-D
  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan member
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    Peace, I have been waiting for you to post forever! You used to have a ceremony site in your siggy (yours?) that was SO beautiful. One of my BMs is getting married in LA, and I wanted to tell her where it was. 

    I have no advice on calming down, as I was a lunatic. I felt a lot better by focusing on the actual ceremony more than anything else and being [syched for the week after, lol. Also, congrats on marrying your Marine!

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  • Victoria2013Victoria2013 member
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    For calming down try a yoga class.  I find it relaxing and you exercise at the same time!
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    I was not really too stressed.  I had a "F-it" moment earlier on.  I just figured that what was to happen was going to happen.  I could not worry about the little things becuase at the end of the day I was going to marry the love of my life and that is really all that mattered to me.

    I did go and get a mani and pedi with the BMs and at the place we went to they had a full bar.  So my way to calm was a glass of pino and FAB mani and pedi. 

    On the day of, one of the BMs would blow in my face if it looked like I was going to cry.  She said "girl don't mess up your make-up" and it worked great.

    I say just enjoy your days leading up to it and the day itself it goes by so fast. 

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    stan! it's called calamigos ranch, in malibu, ca :).

    and thank you everyone :)! i had one crazy friggan day (i'll post in a second). but im getting excited now :). still on red alert for klutz moves, though, LOL. damn elbows.
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