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Navy Wedding

Hi! My name is Courtney and I am recently engaged to my wonderful fiance in the US Navy. I would love ideas to incorporate the Navy into our wedding ceremony . I also am looking for some fellow military wives for support. :)
The Future Mrs. Wonderful :)

Re: Navy Wedding

  • I was AD Navy when I got married, but I didn't want a whole lot of military incorporated.  Make sure your FI wants that.. It's his job, not his life or his identity.  We had mini Navy and MC flags as decor, and a cake topper with a bride and a Marine.  That was really it thought. Oh! and he wore his uniform, but that was 100% up to him.
  • Hi and welcome.  I'm a Navy wife, but we didn't incorporate it into our wedding at all.  H didn't even want to wear his uniform since he so rarely gets to dress up not in uniform.  I would find out from him how much he wants it incorporated.  We invited our SM guests to come in uniform if they wanted, and most of them did which was awesome.  Then my toss garter had a Navy charm on it, but that was the extent of the military in our wedding.  It's all personal preference.  As Sami said it's a job, and not everyone wants that to be their identity.  
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  • My fiance really liked the idea of incorporating the Navy theme into the wedding. He will be in uniform and we will have a sword arch following the ceremony. We are using navy blue as our main color with white and hot pink (my choice). The cake will have some elements that seem USN-related instead of traditional scroll work on it. We are also going to have the bottom tier of the cake with a gold rope in addition to the ribbon. We tried to keep it simple and elegant while incorporating a nautical theme. Too much can be tacky.
  • FI is wearing his uniform and the grooms cake is the Navy Seal... mainly because we didn't know what to put on it...and the cake is round..so it worked.

    I mean, I would feel a little weird having anything related to my work (logos, or colors) at my wedding, I mean I have great pride in my company...but I don't want to have their logo all over my wedding...well...unless they were paying for it.... then BRING IT ON!
  • My FI is Air Force, but we won't be doing too much with it. He will be in uniform, that's his choice, and mainly because he paid so much for his Mess Dress that he thinks it's silly to rent a tux or buy a suit. We're using pumpkins for decor, and carving some of them, so we may do an Air Force pumpkin. We did one for Halloween and he loved it, so I think it would be a nice touch. We may have an Honor Guard if the people we invite who could do it are able to make it.
  • My FI is in the Navy, but we will not be incorporating it into our wedding, his choice. As others have said, it's your FI's job. I certainly wouldn't want my job to be the theme of our wedding!

    But if your FI is okay with it:
    *He can wear his dress uniform
    *Navy blue and yellow as colors
    *Navy themed grooms cake
    *Nautical-themed decor
    *Sailor and bride cake-topper

  • My Fiance wants to incorporate it. It was his idea, his entire family is Retired Navy and it is a part of his up-bringing and identity.
    The Future Mrs. Wonderful :)
  • HI!
    I am also engaged to a wonderful man in the Navy, ive been also having some difficulty incorporating some Navy into our wedding.
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