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Soon to be Military wife, need votes in Facebook Photography Contest Please.

Hello, our youngest daughter is getting married this May.  Her fiance is in the ROTC program and will go active duty in June.  Their wedding has come together beautifully on a very tight budget, we are down the figuring out the photography.  She has entered a photography package giveaway contest on Facebook and is desperately seeking votes to help her and her fiance get beautiful pictures so that they can look back on their day for years and years to come.

They are both senior at Eastern Michigan University, both amazing individuals.  Good, simple, young adults whom are very much in love and looking forward to building their lives together.  Amber, our daugher, has wrote up what I call, "their story" on the photography page which tells you about them, how they met and how they were meant to be.  If you would take a moment and read about them, I am hopeful you would give them a vote.  I thank you so much for your consideration and I wish all the best to all you brides to be out there, such a special day.  Thanks and God be with our troops, Ann

Here is the link to like the photography page, required to vote:

Here is the page with their picture and story.  You vote at the very bottom of the page:

Re: Soon to be Military wife, need votes in Facebook Photography Contest Please.

  • I'm going to be honest with you, this sort of post often ends in other couples getting votes. The regs on here are a very tight knit group, and while we'd vote for each other for stuff like this (or at least I would), it's a little frustrating to get drive by vote for us posts. 
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  • And it looks like there's an enlisted guy in the running too. As an officer applicant in the military, and this may sound strange to many, I wouldn't vote for someone who is or is soon going to be an officer over someone who is enlisted. MH and I paid for our own wedding too, so I know it's hard to see other people have fancy things that you want, but you have the wedding you can afford. 
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  • I'll gladly second what Stan said. Best of luck though.
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  • Enough of these stupid entitled posts! Reported.
  • Yes, there is an enlisted man and his fiance in the running, our soon to be son in law and him are good friends.  Our soon to be son in law is the person that told them about the contest. I would gladly delete this if I could figure out how.  Perhaps it being reported willl take care of it.  No offense intended.
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