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Brides Across America question

So, I've checked out the site...but as far as orders go, FI doesn't have anything official just yet. What's the best way to go through getting something official or is this basically going to be a wait until it happens kind of thing? I know that the events here in Texas aren't until November..but I'd like to register if I can. Sure would save us some money!

Any information from anyone that went through this program would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Brides Across America question

  • Wait until it happens.  In the military nothing is offical until orders are cut.
  • Well, hopefully we hear something back before then, although I guess it doesn't really matter. lol it just would have been neat to be able to do the Brides Across America stuff :) 

  • Didn't he deploy already?  If so, you can go.  Even if you haven't officially set a wedding date yet, you just have to tell them it's within the next 18 months.



  • I had a fabulous experience with Brides Across America. 

    We couldn't get a copy of H's orders for me to take (OPSEC related) but his command wrote a letter that said he was deployed to one of their locations during X time period and they accepted that no problems :) They just asked for our tentative wedding date, so as long as you plan on getting married in the next 18 mo's give them your best guess. Nobody called to check to make sure I got married on the date we said or anything though :P

    I would definitely recommend going before the store opens... the lines can be long! I didn't camp out overnight like some people did, but I still had a good place in line because I got there early.... the girls were so helpful and my dress was perfect :) Speaking of this whole topic, I really should send some of my pics to the dress shop with a thankyou card :)
    wedding1 Anniversary
  • Do you know if the dresses are mostly new or used?  I signed up online to go try on dresses but I am a little uncertain if I should go or not.

  • Kristen, it depends on the dress shop.  I think they're mostly sample dresses, but maybe that's just the shop I heard of near me.  Call ahead and ask?



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