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Army dress blue regulations


My fiance will be wearing his dress blues for our wedding, the ceremony will be outside, what are the rules regarding berets? Does he have to wear it during the ceremony and for any pictures outside? I have seen wedding pictures both ways so I'm confused.


Re: Army dress blue regulations

  • Headgear with Dress Blues does not have to be worn to evening events, after retreat.  If you are having a daytime wedding outside, he needs to wear it.
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    From what my FI has told me ( we're also having our wedding outside) if he's wearing the tie, he has to wear the beret (He never said anything about night or day, when he wears his blues he wears his beret outside at all times. BUT if they are going with the bowtie, it is not required. Look into that option? That's what hes doing because i'm not crazy about the beret.

  • As for beret regulations from what I understand is controled by the unit commander but typically does not have to we worn after retreat if he wears a bowtie. My 3 brothers & fiance all gave me different anwsers, and since the only one who got married decided to for go his blues due to the heat of a June wedding he doesn't even know the regulations for it.

    Also, as a statement from my brother, if no one of higher rank is going to be there who cares if he is wearing it or not? If you aren't inviting anyone of a higher rank, or who really cares about it that is of a higher rank (say your Uncle is retired Army), you can get away with it and take a few 'correct photos' of him in his dress blues with beret for him to show anyone who asks.
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