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need advice

My fiance is not in the military, he is in the Peace Corps.  So we are dealing with the same kind of separation right now.  He left about two weeks ago and I'm moving to the same country he's in because I was lucky enough to find a job there (you can only live/move with your peace corps spouse if you are also a PCV).  We most likely won't be living in the same city, but the same country is better than continents apart.  
I'm trying to plan as much as I can before I go in one month because I know it will be difficult to plan a wedding (early 2015) from overseas.  Has anyone on here had to do something like this?  Have you attempted to plan a wedding in your hometown while in another country or while your partner is in another country?  
If any of you had long engagements, did it feel like people didn't take you seriously when you tried to start planning?

Also, can someone give me advice on how to cope with missing their partner?  I know it's only for another month, but I got sad over Thanksgiving and I'm worried Christmas will be a real tough one :/

Re: need advice

  • With the internet, trust worthy family and friends and possibly even a planner, it really isn't too hard to plan a wedding from far away.  
    I've found it is easier for me to cope when I stay busy.  I also try to keep a positive attitude and try to stay away from moping.  Every one really has their own ways of coping.  I set goals and give my self things to look forward to.  It makes the time go by faster for me.  I also write a ton of letters to my husband.  I send one almost every day.  It helps me feel more conected.  
    We also read the same books or watch the same movies/tv seasons and talk about them.  
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