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Getting married now and having a big wedding later

Hi! I'm new here. My fiance is active duty Army. This is his second wedding and my first. Between us we have 4 kiddos (3 boys and 1 girl). We were going to get married in march but decided instead to get married on January 1st and then have a big wedding for our anniversary next year. Has anyone else done this? We just want to make sure that if he's stationed somewhere else, we can all go. My stepdad is performing our marriage ceremony ion the 1st and signing the license since he's ordained. Next year we'll probably get married in my church in Houston. Anyways, I think that's about it here. Happy planning everyone!

Re: Getting married now and having a big wedding later

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    I would talk to your church about what you plan on doing. If you're already married, you're already married, so they probably wouldn't consider it a wedding ceremony, but rather a vow renewal or religious blessing. I highly recommend you read the post above titled "read first". It has some information on this topic. It comes up a lot around here, so lurk a bit. Good luck!
  • My husband and I had planned to have a small wedding and then a party on our 5th anniversary because none of his family members could be here for the wedding.  We just celebrated our 5th anniversary by taking our kids to the movies and pizza.  We are also a blended family.  I had 2 kids before we met and we have two together.  With 4 kids, I can almost promise you life will get in the way and you won't have the big party later.  Besides, there are so many more important things to spend money on when you have 4 kids.  Do what you can afford to do now and be happy.  
    We may do something for our 10th or our 25th, but who knows what life will bring us by then.  What's really important is we are married.  
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    FYI - your anniversary "party" will not be a wedding, since you will already be married. You get one wedding. If you want to do a vow renewal, that's fine (even though those are normally for big anniversaries). However, vow renewals are far different from a wedding, as in no wedding gown, bridal party, gifts, etc.
    Also, depending on your religion, most churches will not "marry" you if you are already married. Some religions may do a ceremony to accept your marriage into the church, but it is unlikely that they will do a marriage when the parties are already married.
    Praying for a miracle!
  • If you get married 1/1, then whatever you do in Houston will not be a wedding. You can ave a vow renewal at your church, or a con validation if you are catholic, but the wedding ship has sailed. You can have a kick-a$$ party, too.
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    We are doing the same thing! We have been married for two years and now we are planning a destination wedding for 2014. So no matter where we move we will be traveling! The only thing i'm worried about it that we put in for overseas orders, just praying it's not to Japan because tickets are twice as much than europe.
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    I'm in the same place my husband and I married almost 10 years ago. He just retired from the Army as an 11bravo and anyone that is associated with the military knows this MOS kept him from me most of our 10 years. When we married it was us a judge and a friend then he deployed a month later. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him again. Of course I said yes, I kinda like him, and he wants the whole shebang even my dad giving me away. Something he said he stole from me when he asked me to marry him a month before he was to deploy. So here I am 10 years married to he love of my life renewing our vows and having a wedding. We as military brides often do not get to walk down the isle as other brides due to deployments and military orders. So I say make your day yours...don't worry what others think.
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