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Planning Wedding for Leave after OSUT??

Hey guys! Army Fiance here!
My man is in OSUT right now and we were hoping to get married during the 10 days of leave after he graduates. Has anyone else planned a wedding for this window (I think this is the PCS leave to return home to gather things)?? Im not sure if the leave starts right after graduation or what.. so Im really nervous considering its only a few months away... HELP? advice? Insight?

**BTW im trying to avoid the JOP. I would rather skip the wedding me and my mom were planning (for 2012 which we dont even know if he will be here then) and make it a smaller wedding during this year when we know he has leave..

Re: Planning Wedding for Leave after OSUT??

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    I am going to suggest you wait a bit.  There is no guaruntee that he will be given leave right after graduation.  There is a good posibility that he may have to report directly to his unit and then be given leave later.  It really just depends on his unit and where they are in their deployment/training rotation.  You really need to wait until his has orders to decide what y'all are going to do. 
    Example:  When I was in OSUT, we had a guy who had planned to get married durring his leave after graduation.  When his orders came down, he had to report to his new unit at Fort Carson the very next day.  He and his fiancee decided to get married a few hours after graduation at one of the chapels on base.  She had to come to town a week early to get everything worked out.  After graduation, he went to lunch with his parents while she got dressed.  They headed to the chapel, got married and went straight to the airport. He deployed 3 months later. 
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    Ditto PP about just waiting.  While most people are given that leave, it's not a guarantee and you won't know until it's too late whether he has it or not.  I definitely recommend just waiting until he gets to his duty station, and finding out deployment schedules and has a better idea of getting leave, then plan that way.  You still don't have to wait until 2012, but at least you can have a better idea of if/when he can be there.  
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    I agree that you should probably wait. Let him get settled in with his new command, and then try to make plans. It'll work out the best that way!
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