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How to write an invitation if you can't pick a date.

Hello all, I'm getting married to a guy in the Navy. He is currently in OCS, and we would like to get married before he leaves for his second round of training. Unfortunately, we won't find out that date for sure until 3 weeks before the wedding is scheduled. There is a chance we might have to move the wedding back a few weeks/ months if anything happens. Is there any way to still send out paper invitations without a date (we would email/call everyone when the date is confirmed? Is there a better way to do this? 

Re: How to write an invitation if you can't pick a date.

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    I wouldn't send anything until you have an absolute positive date, time and place. You can't really send an invitation to something that you have no idea when it'll happen. I would give everyone - especially your family and friends that you know for sure will be invited - a heads up via phone call or in person of what's happening.  Just wait until you have all of the details then send your invites. 

    Also, just a question...if you don't have any of the details, how are you going to plan the wedding? Just about every vendor requires a deposit for a specific date. Might be something else to think about... Personally, I would just wait it out until he's settled somewhere and knows exactly what his schedule will be like. Then pick a date and plan accordingly. The way I see it is, you have the rest of your lives together, what's a few more months?
  • Wait until he's done with all his training and you can pick a specific date. Like I just said in another thread, don't complicate his adjustment as a Naval Officer and your adjustment as a married couple by mixing them all up at the same time. 
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  • I will also suggest you just wait until he is finished with his training and at his first duty station.  It will be so much easier to plan a wedding when you can nail down a date.  There is absolutely know way you can book vendors or venues with out a date nailed down.  
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