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QOTD 9/26 Motivational Monday

H sent this to me.. I'm not really sure why... but.. yeah..

Sad... but funny & true.

Whatcha got ladies?

Re: QOTD 9/26 Motivational Monday

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    I've got nothin'
    But, cute mailbox Sami! I am totally itching to take up more crafts. Stupid wedding keeps getting in the way. YEAHHHH I said it. ;)
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    Thanks I need the motivation!!! I am totally "under motivated!"
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    The only thing motivating me right now is If I get  to next monday without dying (Two exams and paper due)... the only thing standing between seeing my FI is 3 days. =D 

    We are planning  on going back to St Augustine (where we got engaged) for a day trip. I love it and can't wait!  
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    Motivated to get the damn poison ivy out of my effing apartment.

    FI and I went camping Saturday and forgot firewood. So he traipsed around the woods getting wood to use for the fire. I told him he was gonna catch damn poison ivy out there, but he insisted that because he had a flashlight, he "could see it if there was any."

    I hate being right.

    Being right in this case meant we came home Sunday, and I was a b**** and immediately made him leave his shoes outside and take a shower, and I started the first load of laundry. A few hours later, he is scratching at his ankle at "bug bites". Then he passes out on the couch for a nap.

    Well, now the couch is probably covered in what turned out to be poison ivy. I've done 6 loads of laundry and now I have it. Just spectacular. I have to wash the cats tonight too because they rubbed and loved on him when he was still denying that it was poison ivy.

    Also, during our lovely camping experience (which was not that bad, aside from the poison ivy and resulting contact dermatitis), we agreed that we should register for a tent on our Amazon registry. I'm rescinding that "great idea" because I am refusing to go camping for a long, long, long time.

    Edit for my backwoods cajun grammar.
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    Crown- Do you need another kick in the butt? Wink
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    [QUOTE]Crown- Do you need another kick in the butt?
    Posted by SamiJoeB[/QUOTE]

    Yeah please!! HAA this weather that we are having here is just killing me.  Arg it is rain or fog every day. To me rain = sleep! <img src="" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />
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