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How much support?

My fianc is in the army national guard and isn't sure if wants to switch units, go active/reserve, or go to a whole different state. This is sort of frustrating to me since our wedding will have to be moved up and a lot smaller if he goes active and if not he still is considering moving units. I will support whatever decision he makes, I just want him to make one. He has been talking about this for quite sometime and it's kinda driving me nuts. I don't want to seem pushy but how do I handle it. He seems to listen when I stand up and say my options but I don't want him to do something and regret it later. HELP!!

Re: How much support?

  • Where did this post come from?? 

    Um, well, you kind just have to listen and let him work it out. Can you postpone wedding planning until he decides? 
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