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Homemade chocolates opinions

I am going to be making homemade goodies and chocolates for Valentines Day (for FI, and some to share with his shop too). I have seven different "recipes" in mind for the heart-shaped chocolates, but I don't want to be buying all sorts of ingredients. So I need to narrow it down to 3-4 choices. Here are the options:

*Milk chocolate filled with Nutella
*Milk chocolate filled with crunchy peanut butter
*Milk chocolate filled with caramel, topped with a small pinch of sea salt
*Milk chocolate infused with cinnamon and cayenne pepper
*White chocolate, dyed pink
*Cookies 'n' cream (white chocolate & crushed Oreos)
*White chocolate pretzel (crushed pretzels)

Help me decide! Which three of these would you most like to have?

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