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My husband is in the AF, and his brother (Navy) is going to be his best man for our official ceremony. His best friend is civilian and will also be in the party. My question is, what do I have his brother wear? My hubby will be wearing his AF blues because I love how he looks in them, but do I have his brother wear a tux or his mess dress or service wear? I dont' know what they look like, but I want him to not be wearing his white dress if possible. Any suggestions will be helpful, thanks!

Re: Military Groomsman Attire

  • If it is an evening wedding, he would either A. wear his uniform equivalent to your FI's uniform or B. a tux since that is the civilian equivalent to a military dress uniform. 
  • Dark suits always are appropriate, even if a groomsman is in the service.
  • What does your FI want him to wear?  I think the groomsmens' attire should be the groom's call.

    I'm a 26 year vet and have seen many, many combinations of uniforms at weddings.  As a groomsman, I don't think the dress whites would be appropriate since that is a more formal uniform than what the groom is wearing.  It is perfectly acceptable for your FI to ask his brother to wear a tux if that is what he wants to do.  
  • I'd let him wear what he is comfortable in.  He may want to wear his uniform to save the $100 tux rental.  He may prefer to wear a tux over the uniform.  I know if my husband were given the choice of which to wear in a wedding, he'd wear a tux.  he doesn't want to wear it unless he absolutely has to.  I was the same way with mine.  They are terribly uncomfortable.  
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  • mess dress - tux.  Dress blues- suit.  Granted my fi is wearing his dress blues, and said the civillian groomsmen can wear blue jeans and an oxford style shirt.  I don't agree, but its what your comfortable with.  The groomsmen will wear gray suits at my wedding, I don't care what the groom said!

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  • My MOH wore her uniform (AF Mess Dress) and she seemed pretty psyched about not having to buy a dress. My H wore his MC Dress Blue Alphas. I liked the look of a mixed wedding party. His groomsmen wore tuxes because they were civilians. 
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