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So, I bought these cause they were on sale and I'm thrifty like that...I just really liked them XD

I guess what I'm asking is what ya'll think and what level of formality/venue this screams out to ya'll...

Here they are: clicky

Thanks you guys! :)

Re: Opinions?

  • I'm thinking, you could use a venue that you could dress up or down. An older home, a farm, nice community center, something like that. I can totally see those being to an event at my venue (unfortunately not in SA) which was basically an old home turned art gallery that can be decorated to any formality.  I think at least partially outdoors, lots of twinkly lights, something very fun but decidedly less formal. More like, girls in cute dresses that could be cotton and boys with ties but no jackets and possibly khakis. I don't think they would look cohesive as invitations to  more formal affair. I also think they look like something to be used for an afternoon wedding. 
  • I like them! They do not scream FORMAL WEDDING to me, BUT, this style has taken over the wedding formality lately. It says that it will be a fun, laid back wedding. Like a beach, or barn wedding. Or one of those weddings with a bunch of cute old knick knacks. KWIM?
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    I liked them because I can work the wording into whatever language I need :)

    And I really hope I can find a nice venue like that (meaning a barn or older home or indoor/outdoor mix)...our riverwalk idea may have to be scrapped now lol

    Also, hello Divine!! :D welcome back!
  • I think they are cute.  It really says relaxed and casual to me. I think a garden or barn wedding.  
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