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Hi ladies,
I've begun to try to gather some ideas for our ceremony. We willbe getting married at a gorgeous castle and it will not be a religious ceremony. I am hoping to come up with some kind of reading/poem, anything, that could make refernce to the 2 deployments we'll have been through and the many, many months apart (he's stationed 700 miles away from home). Anyways, any ideas would be great! Thanks so much Smile
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Re: Military-Inspired Readings

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    My H is 5,000 miles away so I know all about it. We had a song.. I have posted about this song a million times on this board it's called "Ocean Wide" by The Afters. It's about LDLove. There are various Military Wife prayers, but since you said it wasn't really a religious ceremony, those might not be appropriate. I would reccomend going to a book store and looking in the poetry section. You might find one that really "speaks" to you. Good Luck!!
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