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I brought home a stray tonight...

I went to go tanning and was sitting in the waiting area and spotted a little calico kitten outside the door. I went outside to see it and she's (I think it's a she) is definitely a stray. At first I thought she was blind because her eyes aren't in good shape. I brought her home and cancelled my tanning session. She ate my other kitten's food and didn't want to leave the dish area :( I gave her a bath but she still doesn't smell great and I couldn't get her legs completely clean. But here she is...
We're not sure if we're keeping her yet. FI isn't home but knows I have her lol. I'm gonna continue to get her cleaned up and fed tonight

Re: I brought home a stray tonight...

  • Please don't let her in the same living area as your other cat until you've had her checked out by a vet.  Especially if she seems to be having eye issues and is dirty.  There are so many diseases stray cats can carry and pass on to others. 
  • Awwww. If you decide to keep her, or keep her in the house much longer, I'd try to take her to a vet just so if she has something she doesn't get your other kitty sick 
  • She's not near our other cat and I'm going to clean her food bowls she ate out of. I'm trying to clean her up as best I can. I wanna take her to a no kill shelter but the shelter here is closed :(
  • Call a local rescue.  Most no kill shelters won't take strays. 
  • I tried calling our local shelter but no answer.One of FI's GMs is a vet student and has a brother that's a vet so he's talking to his brother about what to do about her cut on her back and if he knows anyone looking for a cat
  • Calicos are my very favorite but I live too far away and already have too much animal mass living with me as it is :(
  • In Response to Re:I brought home a stray tonight...:
    [QUOTE]Calicos are my very favorite but I live too far away and already have too much animal mass living with me as it is :(
    Posted by Sammy0709[/QUOTE]
    We have a calico already haha. The stray is in our bathroom right now. We found ticks on her and she's bleeding in a couple places. We cleaned her up as best we could and I'm bringing her to the local shelter tomorrow. It opens at noon so I'll probably miss my class they're just doing presentations in to make sure she gets taken care of
  • Poor baby!  Is it a no-kill shelter?
  • In Response to Re: I brought home a stray tonight...:
    [QUOTE]Poor baby!  Is it a no-kill shelter?
    Posted by kellieinkc[/QUOTE]
    I'm almost positive it is. She's such a sweetheart I know she'll get adopted when she's all cleaned up. I just dropped her off. They vaccinate her and everything and keep her in a separate room with other strays for a week. If no one claims them they can be adopted. I cried when I left. I wish I could've kept her but we'd be breaking the pet policy for our apartment and we can't afford the vet treatment she would need
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