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My Hero wear combat boots, not a cape!

I am  recently engaged to the man of my dreams. He is in the Maryland Army National Guard! I am so proud of him. My fiance' will be leaving for Afganistan. I am very sad and scared about this but for now we are doing the best we can to stay postive. We just got engaged October 27, 2012. We are looking to get married as soon as possible, like around December 12, 2012. (12.12.12.) We want to get married before he leaves at least. We are justing having a simple court house wedding and then we will have something big with our friends and family when he comes home. Has anyone else tired to rush a wedding? I have heard nothing but positive fedback on us getting married and no negative comments but I want to know from you. What do you think about this?

Thank you.
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Re: My Hero wear combat boots, not a cape!

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    First, check your post and read up on the rules of OPSEC and PERSEC and see how much information you just gave out. If some crazy nut job was reading this they could very easily track you or your fiance down. These rules are there for a reason, it's to protect our soldiers and their families.

    EDIT: You should have read this before posting:
  • Please please please read up on OPSEC and PERSEC. They will be very important to you as you enter into your marriage.

    And really, our opinion doesn't matter if you want to get married now and then have a party later. As long as you recognize that the court wedding is the day you are married and that the party is just a party and not your "real wedding" then you will be fine.
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    Please ditch this username, and create a new one. And, when you create a new one, please keep your FI's name out of the signature. As the ladies have stated above, you need to be really careful about the info you post on the internet.

    ETA: I edited out what I could in your original post, OP. (The underlined sentence.) 
    Zelda, would you mind doing the same to the portion you quoted? 
  • Please, please, please take the dates of his deployment out of your post.  Please learn about OPSEC and why it is so important.  Posting dates like that puts your fiance and his entire unit in danger.  

    Personally, I don't believe in rushing to get married before a deployment.  It is absolutely posible to plan the wedding you really want in less than a month.  However, the reasoning people usually use for that for your fiance wanting to make sure you are taken care of if anything happens to him is bull.  He can have to listed on his notification lists if something should happen to him.  He can have you listed as the beneficiary of all of his insurance policies.  He can even have you added to the FRG of most National Guard units.  

    Do what you feel is best for you, but be honest and up front to your family and friends.  Please don't start your marriage by lying to all of them.  Your wedding day is the day you sign those papers to make it legal.  Anything else is a party.  It's a vow renewal.  
    Congraulations on your engagement.  
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  • Gotcha covered CAB! I should have thought of that XD silly me!
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    No worries! :) Thank you!!!
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