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NWR- Who knows a good "Write to the Troops" program??

Hi there! My name is Alanna, I frequent the NEY board but figured I could get some help over here!

I'm a cadet in Air Force ROTC and I'm trying to organize a mailing to the troops for me and my fellow cadets. I'm going to buy a bunch of cards and we're going to write personalized messages on the inside. I hear that the most requested "item" is letters, so I think this is a great idea.

The problem I'm running into is that most of the write to the troops services that give out addresses require you to pay.

Does anyone here happen to know where I could get more information/address on writing to the troops, and a very low or no cost?

Thank you for your help!!
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Re: NWR- Who knows a good "Write to the Troops" program??

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    You can also talk to your CO and see if they would be willing to contact a unit located near you who is deployed.  See if they can get you in touch with the Family Readiness Group to get addresses or one central contact and address to send cards to. 
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